"Mike was very helpful and understanding with questions - very attentive" 

       - Kendra E.

"Loved his level of confidence"

       - Christine C.

"Excellent! Very thorough and complete.  Very high emphasis on safety which is very important to me, or anyone else for that matter!"

       - Jamey W.

"Mike Spray is an absolutely amazing asset. He taught me not to be afraid of guns, to understand them, and - most importantly - to LOVE shooting!  Thank you so much Mike for your teaching skill, your detailed knowledge, and for your obvious dedication to teaching and your students!"

       - Margaret C.

"I have not had a training/learning this thorough before.  Mike was equally knowledgeable on both the legal and safety side of things. Great course!"

       - Ross W.

"On a grade scale from A to F, Mike gets an "A" without reservation!"

       - Patrick A.

"Mike does a great job with his demeanor and humor in removing much of the apprehension that enters the room at the beginning of the class!"

       - Nathan K.

"Really enjoyed the class.  Mike Spray was patient, articulate, and knowledgeable. 

Thank you!

       - Michelle G.

Training Testimonials

CPATS is a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)! Mike will be happy to provide sales, custom orders, transfers from other dealers, and private-sales services. See our listing at GunBroker.com as well.

Transfers and Private Sales: $30.00, plus $10.00 for CBI/NICS checks. Call or email for transfers; call for Private Sale appointment.  303-912-9361.



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